Youssef Masmoudi

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The hazardous waste management is composed of three components: the allocation of the different hazardous waste generators, the hazardous waste routing and the hazardous waste location problems. In this paper, we focus on the allocation problem. It is very important to perform this task since it affects the location and the routing problems. Minimizing the(More)
The purpose of Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) is to determine the shortest warp path, corresponding to the optimal alignment between two sequences. It is one of the most used methods for time series distance measure. DTW was introduced to the community as a Data Mining utility for various tasks for time series problems such as classification and clustering.(More)
Measuring similarity or distance between two data points is fundamental to many Machine Learning algorithms such as K-Nearest-Neighbor, Clustering etc. Depending on the nature of the data point, various measurements can be used. DTW is largely used for mining time series but it is not adopted to large data sets because of its quadratic complexity. Global(More)
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