Youssef Kaddoura

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Research groups in both academia and industry have developed prototype systems to demonstrate the benefits of pervasive computing in various application domains. Unfortunately, many first-generation pervasive computing systems lack the ability to evolve as new technologies emerge or as an application domain matures. To address this limitation, the(More)
The Pervasive Computing Laboratory at the University of Florida is dedicated to creating smart environments and assistants to enable elderly persons to live a longer and a more independent life at home. By achieving this goal, technology will increase the chances of successful aging despite an ailing health care system (e.g. Medicaid). One of the essential(More)
The use of pervasive computing technology such as java smart phones and multi-modal sensors in smart homes of the future can potentially enhance elders’ independence and quality of life. We present ongoing research projects whose goal is to reduce the demand on elder’s attention and effort while performing daily tasks. We present three applications: a(More)
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