Youssef Dehbi

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We propose a new scheme for multiclass packet scheduling which is a variant of EDF (earliest deadline first). The model corrects EDF domino effect in a nearly-overloaded system. Simulations results show that the proposed model performs better than classical EDF by enhancing QoS for soft-real time traffic without significant degradation of less constrained(More)
Today’s networks, including WLANs, transport different classes of services. A service differentiation is then essential to provide QoS. However, IEEE 802.11 for WLANs was primarily designed for best effort traffic and did not provide QoS specifications. IEEE 802.11e MAC has been then described to support QoS in WLAN. In this paper, we propose a new scheme(More)
Building reconstruction and building model generation nowadays receives more and more attention. In this context models such as formal grammars play a major role in 3D geometric modelling. Up to now, models have been designed manually by experts such as architects. Hence, this paper describes an Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) based approach for learning(More)
In this paper, we propose an analytical model to evaluate performances of a wireless network composed by two groups of nodes using two different backoff schemes for channel access. The two different backoff schemes are used for QoS differentiation in term of priority. Our analysis results show that the priority group can have its performances enhanced, in(More)
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