Youssef Ben Brahim

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The purpose of this study is to determine predictive factors of successful vaginal delivery after cesarean section, and to estimate the risks of this trial of labor (TOL). A retrospective study about 352 women undergoing a TOL after cesarean section was carried out. Different variables stratified by the termination of the TOL were analysed with statistic(More)
Prune Belly syndrome is characterized by a combination of megacystis, anterior abdominal wall distension with deficiency of the abdominal wall musculature, and bilateral cryptorchidism. Diagnosis is easy after 15 weeks of gestation, but may be difficult at the end of the first term. Authors report 2 cases of Prune Belly syndrome diagnosed at 11 and 14 weeks(More)
Actinomycosis is an infection due to an anaerobic Gram-positive bacilus bacteria: Actinomyces. Tubo-ovarian locallisation is rare. It more often appears clinically as a pseudo-tumoral and feverish syndrom, evoking wrongly a malignant tumoral pathology, and often leads to a mutilating surgical treatment. Intra-uterine device appears as the principal(More)
Placenta percreta is characterized by the penetration of trophoblast through the myometrium and peritoneum. This invasion may also involve adjacent structures. This condition is the most serious of placental implantation anomalies. It is a rare but life-threatening complication of pregnancy. We present a case of placenta praevia percreta with involvement of(More)
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