Youssef Alj

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The concept of Dejerine-Sottas disease, which corresponds to presumed recessive demyelinating neuropathies with onset in infancy, remains controversial. To learn more on the subject, we performed a clinico-pathological and molecular genetic study in 15 unrelated patients with the Dejerine-Sottas phenotype seen over a 16 year period. There were 12 females(More)
This paper presents a 3D modeling system designed for Multi-view Video plus Depth (MVD) sequences. The aim is to remove redundancy in both texture and depth information present in the MVD data. To this end, a volumetric framework is employed in order to merge the input depth maps. Hereby a variant of the Space Carving algorithm is proposed. Voxels are(More)
In this article, the impact of 2D based approaches for multi-texturing 3D models using real images is studied. While conventional 3D based approaches assign the best texture for each mesh triangle according to geometric criteria such as triangle orientation or triangle area, 2D based approaches tend to minimize the distortion between the rendered views and(More)
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