Youssef Alaoui

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This result has been extended to open sets in Stein manifolds. But nothing is known about this if (Dj)j≥1 is a family of a Stein complex space X, even when X has isolated singularities. The main new result of this article concerns a generalization of this theorem for families of q-complete open sets in Stein spaces. By using a description of q-convex(More)
Let X be a complex space and f : X → I R a real valued function. Then f is said to be q-convex if for any x ∈ X there exist a neighborhood U which is biholomorphic to a closed analytic set in an open set Ω ⊂ I C and a function g ∈ C(Ω) such that i∂∂g has at most q − 1 zero or negative eigenvalues at each point of Ω and f |U = g|U . The space X is called(More)
Let X be an analytic complex space which is q-complete. Then it follows from a theorem of Andreotti-Grauert [1] that H(X,F) = 0 for every coherent analytic sheaf F on X if p ≥ q. Until now it is not known if these two conditions are equivalent. The aim of this article is to give a counterexample to the converse of this statement. We show that there exist(More)
A surjective holomorphic map Π : X → Y between complex spaces is said to be a Stein morphism, if for every point y ∈ Y , there exists an open neighborhood U of y such that Π(U) is Stein. In 1977, Skoda [12] showed that a locally trivial analytic fiber bundle Π : X → Ω with Stein base and Stein fibers is not necessarily a Stein manifold. Thus giving a(More)
Pneumocystis is typically described in the immunodepressed. We report a case of pneumocystis occurring in a patient without known depression of the immune system. The patient, aged 50, was hospitalised for a diffused infiltration pneumonia which developed sub-acutely, and presented with increasing dyspnoea of effort, thoracic pain and a disturbances of(More)
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