Youssef Ait Khouya

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Brachiopods have a lateral outline which is quite important in systematic studies. It is often assessed by a qualitative evaluation and linear measurements, which are not clear enough and precise for describing the shape of the shell and its changes In this paper we propose a new method for classification of fossils based on the radon transform from their(More)
In this paper, we suggest a new processing algorithm based on anisotropic diffusion and nonlinear process for removing noise and image enhancement. The principle of the proposed algorithm is to apply a Gaussian filter to the image gradient when computing the diffusion coefficient and to choose the gradient threshold parameter depending on the gradient of(More)
In this paper, we propose a descriptor for Brachiopods classification by using a combination between curvature and Fourier descriptors. The curvature properties provide an apparently powerful cue to the underlying structure of the curve and captures completely the structure of planar curve. In addition, it is stable and complete. Fourier descriptors are(More)
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