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—In this manuscript, we present an implementation of a correlation method for face recognition application on GPU. Our correlator is based on the famous " 4f " setup and the use of a Phase Only Filter (POF). Traditionally, the correlation approach is implemented using optical components for real-time application. Unfortunately, optical implementation is(More)
In this paper, we defined a low complexity 2D-DCT architecture. The latter will be able to transform spatial pixels to spectral pixels while taking into account the constraints of the considered compression standard. Indeed, this work is our first attempt to obtain one reconfigurable multistandard DCT. Due to our new matrix decomposition, we could define(More)
The key outcome of this work is to propose and validate a fast and robust correlation scheme for face recognition applications. The robustness of this fast correlator is ensured by an adapted pre-processing step for the target image allowing us to minimize the impact of its (possibly noisy and varying) amplitude spectrum information. A segmented composite(More)
—In this paper, our objective is to detail know-how and techniques that can help the designer of electronic circuits to develop and to optimize their own IP in a reasonable time. For this reason, we propose to optimize existing FFT algorithms for low-cost FPGA implementations. For that, we have used short length structures to obtain higher length(More)
In this paper we present a novel architecture for FFT implementation on FPGA. The proposed architecture based on radix-4 algorithm presents the advantage of a higher throughput and low area-delay product. In fact, the novelty consists on using a memory sharing and dividing technique along with parallel-in parallel-out Processing Elements (PE). The proposed(More)
While designing the digital circuits in today's world, the most desired factors are high performance, speed and cost. FFT is one of the most efficient ways to meet these requirements. In this paper, authors have discussed the DFT algorithm on periodic waveform using different window techniques using the FFT algorithm. This paper shows that the window(More)
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