Yousri Mhedheb

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DASH is a realization of the PGAS (partitioned global address space) model in the form of a C++ template library. Operator overloading is used to provide global-view PGAS semantics without the need for a custom PGAS (pre-)compiler. The DASH library is implemented on top of our runtime system DART, which provides an abstraction layer on top of existing(More)
A Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) approach treats a distributed system as if the memory were shared on a global level. Given such a global view on memory, the user may program applications very much like shared memory systems. This greatly simplifies the tasks of developing parallel applications, because no explicit communication has to be specified(More)
Scheduling virtual machines is a major research topic for cloud computing, because it directly influences the performance, the operation cost and the quality of services. A large cloud center is normally equipped with several hundred thousand physical machines. The mission of the scheduler is to select the best one to host a virtual machine. This is an(More)
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