Yousri Abdeljaoued

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Biometric person identity authentication is gaining more and more attention. The authentication task performed by an expert is a binary classification problem: reject or accept identity claim. Combining experts, each based on a different modality (speech, face, fingerprint, etc.), increases the performance and robustness of identity authentication systems.(More)
Personal computing and communication devices such as computers, PDAs, and Author: Please 1. spell out PAD here mobile phones are moving to their next generation in which the end user will be able to access a multitude of information with a single device either locally or through a network. One likely trend in future personal computing and personal(More)
The paper presents results of the face verification contest that was organized in conjunction with International Conference on Pattern Recognition 2000 [14]. Participants had to use identical data sets from a large, publicly available multimodal database XM2VTSDB. Training and evaluation was carried out according to an a priori known protocol ([7]).(More)
In this paper, we address the problem privacy in video surveillance. We propose an efficient solution based on transformdomain scrambling of regions of interest in a video sequence. More specifically, the sign of selected transform coefficients is flipped during encoding. We address more specifically the case of Motion JPEG 2000. Simulation results show(More)
An algorithm for feature point extraction is presented. It is based on a scale-space representation of the image as well as a system for tracking across scales. Using synthetic and real images, it is shown that the proposed algorithm produces stable and well-localized feature points estimates two essential properties for video applications.
Multi modal person identity authentication is gaining more and more attention in the biometrics area Combining di erent modalities increases the performance and robustness of identity authentication systems The authentication problem is a binary classi cation problem The fusion of di erent modalities can be therefore performed by binary classi ers We(More)
This paper presents the European ACTS project (( MZVTS )) which stands for Multi Modal Verification f o r Teleservices and Security Applications. The primary goal of this project is to address the issue of secured access to local and centralised services in a multimedia environment. The main objective is to extend the scope of application of networkbased(More)
This paper presents a video-based camera tracker that combines marker-based and feature point-based cues within a particle filter framework. The framework relies on their complementary performances. On the one hand, marker-based trackers can robustly recover camera position and orientation when a reference (marker) is available but fail once the reference(More)
MPEG-7 camera extends the capabilities of conventional cameras by analyzing its scene in order to generate a contentbased description according to the recently approved MPEG7 standard. This gives to the camera a large variety of current and potential applications, such as surveillance, augmented reality, and virtual display. This paper provides an overview(More)