Yousif Elhadi Elsideeg Ahmed

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BACKGROUND Fat grafting is largely used to correct soft-tissue defects in any region of the human body. This study analysed its safety when the technique is used to correct defects after breast-cancer reconstruction. METHODS A total of 158 patients who underwent 194 breast fat grafting procedures were analysed. Almost all patients (98%) had a personal(More)
The problem of Keeping a wireless sensor network a life for maximum possible monitoring time, considering its limited energy source is widely addressed. Linear programming, genetic algorithms and other optimization methods are used on disjoint set covers to maximize the lifetime. This paper provided a genetic algorithm-based secluding method to generate the(More)
The ultimate goal of this research work is to provide an experimental test for a microcontroller based system to be embedded into weaving machine for monitoring and controlling the fabric design operation after the success of the simulation test. The proposed embedded system reads the design parameters entered by the designer using a keypad, calculates the(More)
The lifetime optimization problem of wireless sensor networks is widely solved using disjoint sets covers in which a sensor cannot participate in more than one cover. The proposed method gives an opportunity for a sensor to join more than one cover. The genetic algorithm is used to find the maximum number of non-disjoint sets covers to be scheduled to(More)
This research work provides a flexible communication medium for robot information propagation. This connector has the capability to make full duplex robot to robot communication or robot to central controller via wires (USB, Wire Internet) or wireless (Wireless Internet – Bluetooth-zigbee). This programmable multi-standard connector designed and tested(More)
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