Yousef M. O. Alhammad

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UNLABELLED Hepatitis C virus (HCV) envelope glycoproteins E1 and E2 form a heterodimer and mediate receptor interactions and viral fusion. Both E1 and E2 are targets of the neutralizing antibody (NAb) response and are candidates for the production of vaccines that generate humoral immunity. Previous studies demonstrated that N-terminal hypervariable region(More)
The E2 glycoprotein of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a major target of the neutralizing antibody (NAb) response with the majority of epitopes located within its receptor binding domain (RBD; 384-661). Within E2 are three variable regions located at the N-terminus (HVR1; 384-411), and internally at 460-480 (HVR2) and 570-580 [intergenotypic variable region(More)
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