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Distributed network protocols operate similar to periodic state machines, utilizing internal states and timers for network coordination, which creates opportunities for carefully engineered radio jamming to target the protocol operating periods and disrupt network communications. Such periodic attacks targeting specific protocol period/frequency of(More)
Web phishing attacks are one of the challenging security threats. Phishing depends on humans’ behavior but not protocols and devices vulnerabilities. In this work, software defined networking (SDN) will be tailored to tackle phishing attacks. In SDN, network devices forward received packets to a central point ‘controller’ that makes decision on behalf of(More)
Modeling Internet structure as an autonomous system (AS) graph has attracted researchers over years. AS graph model demonstrates the power-law distribution of the Internet. It also demonstrates the relationship between the cluster coefficient and the small-world structure of the Internet. To obtain an accurate AS graph model, the data used to generate the(More)
Large-scale multi-hop wireless networks have many important applications. However, Gupta and Kumar showed that the capacity of multi-hop wireless networks decreases as the number of nodes in the network increases. Subsequent research efforts to achieve linear capacity scaling have significant limitations such as long latency, high technical complexity,(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have a wide spectrum of applications, such as disaster relief operations, intelligent building, medicine and health care, etc. WSNs are growing in size and sensory traffic and thus, it is necessary to use multiple sinks to gather such traffic with minimal loss. In a network, there are some locations that nodes visit more(More)
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