Yousef Bahramzadeh

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The mobility requirements on a rough terrain make a suspended wheeled mobile robot (SWMR) with multiple dexterous manipulators an appropriate choice. In this study, dynamics and stability appraisal of such systems will be discussed. First, based on Newton-Eulerpsilas formulation for a chain of rigid bodies, the closed-form dynamics model of such complicated(More)
Field Robots are machines that work in unstructured environments. Handling the mobility performance requirements of a challenging rough terrain makes a suspended wheeled mobile robot (SWMR), with multiple dexterous manipulators, an appropriate field robot design. In this study, first a general systematic procedure for dynamics modeling of such complicated(More)
Reported is realization of a novel ionic electro-active biomimetic soft robotic polymer metal nanocomposite known as poly (ethylene-co-methacrylic acid) metal composite (called EMAMC in this paper) capable of functioning as soft robotic biomimetic actuators, energy harvesters and sensors. By soft robotic it is meant that these materials are easily(More)
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