Yousef Ahmed Fouad

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PURPOSE To review the recent literature and describe the authors' experience with congenital upper eyelid coloboma. METHODS In this review, we will summarize the embryologic and etiopathogenetic bases of congenital upper eyelid coloboma, and study the published clinical reports. We will also attempt to briefly shed some light on the rarer syndromic(More)
PURPOSE To review the recent data about eyelid morphogenesis, and outline a timeline for eyelid development from the very early stages during embryonic life till final maturation of the eyelid late in fetal life. METHODS The authors extensively review major studies detailing human embryologic and fetal eyelid morphogenesis. These studies span almost a(More)
The hallmarks of cancer described by Hanahan and Weinberg have proved seminal in our understanding of cancer's common traits and in rational drug design. Not free of critique and with understanding of different aspects of tumorigenesis coming into clearer focus in the recent years, we attempt to draw a more organized and updated picture of the cancer(More)
BACKGROUND The migration of physicians from the developing to the developed world remains a controversial topic with many proposed negative effects. Although Egypt remains a major supplier of international medical graduates, no exploration of the root causes of the issue or the required policy changes was attempted before. METHODS An online questionnaire(More)
PURPOSE To determine the impact of a single injection of various anti-inflammatory, antimitotic, and antiangiogenic agents on the cell count of myofibroblasts in an eviscerated socket. METHODS One eye from 15 skeletally mature New Zealand white rabbits was eviscerated, and the rabbits were divided into 5 groups. Each group of 3 rabbits received a 0.1 ml(More)
INTRODUCTION The number of breast cancer long survivors has increased in the last few years. However, this increase in survival may be affected by the side effects of adjuvant breast cancer therapies. In this context cardiovascular toxicity is considered one of the most clinically important toxicities. AREAS COVERED In this work we review the published(More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce and evaluate the safety of a novel dual-sided electrosurgery handpiece design for simultaneous tissue cutting and coagulation. METHODS We designed a prototype double-sided handpiece allowing automatic switching between two electrodes with a simple handpiece flip. The concept of the system as a surgical instrument was assessed by an(More)
This is a quasi-experimental pre-post assessment study utilizing an anonymous self-administered questionnaire to assess Egyptian medical students' awareness about responsible conduct of research (RCR) and research ethics. Students' were assessed before and after an RCR awareness campaign. Our results showed that most of the pre-campaign respondents were not(More)
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