Yourong Lu

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Channel and modulation selection strategy is an import factor for cognitive radio. In many conditions there are some different channels and modulation methods for the radio to choose. The strategy based on support vector machines is proposed for cognitive radio. The cost of each chosen method grade by a fuzzy function is the input data and the algorithm can(More)
In this paper, we suggest blind source separation (BSS) technology for primary users detect, which is very important in cognitive radio (CR). Multiple-antenna system should be a part of CR. Different antenna receives the same CR signal from different path, if only CR is being working. When primary user starts working, different antenna receives mixed(More)
Multi-antenna blind signal separation (BSS) provides a useful method for co-channel mixed signal processing. But the performance of BSS is limited by the condition number of channel matrix in the presence of noise. To overcome this problem, a new BSS algorithm with the aid of lattice reduction (LR) is proposed for synchronous communication systems.(More)
Carrier frequency difference (CFD) detection plays a special role in signal classification and selection. Unfortunately, the CFD between co-channel signals transmitted by different transmitters at the so-called "same frequency" is often too small to detect. This paper applies the phase entropy theory to small CFD detection and we achieve superior results.(More)
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