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This minireview mainly aims at the study of S-adenosyl-l-methionine (SAM) production by microbial fermentation. A brief introduction of the biological role and application of SAM was presented. In general, SAM production can be improved by breeding of the producing strain through the conventional mutation or genetic engineering approach in the molecular or(More)
In this paper, a piezoelectric impedance frequency shift method is developed to estimate the bolt preload for the detection of bolt looseness in engineering structures. An experimental device that allows the precision control of the axial preload force on a bolt is designed and fabricated. A universal testing machine is used to preload accurately on the(More)
Piezoceramic based active sensing methods have been researched to monitor preload on bolt connections. However, there is a saturation problem involved with this type of method. The transmitted energy is sometimes saturated before the maximum preload which is due to it coming into contact with flat surfaces. When it comes to flat contact surfaces, the true(More)
The buoy of underwater mooring was selected as study object, we put forward the virtual mass concept based on analysis of fluid-solid coupling eigenvalue for buoy, the underwater virtual mass matrix for buoy was deduced by the finite computing method of structure vibration modal on flow field and the basic equation of hydrodynamics; the natural properties(More)
The static analysis and the modal analysis of a tower crane structure were completed. To improve the dynamic performance of tower crane, the key modal frequencies were taken as the optimization objective. Sensitivity analysis was done for structural parameters to decide the dynamic optimum design variables. The constraints to the model included the mass,(More)
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