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Impacts of land use change scenarios on storm-runoff generation in Xitiaoxi basin, China
Abstract Land use change has significant impacts on hydrologic processes at the watershed level. This paper combines an empirical land use change model and an event-scale, rainfall-runoff model toExpand
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Observed trends of annual maximum water level and streamflow during past 130 years in the Yangtze River basin, China
Annual maximum streamflow and annual maximum water level and their variations exert most serious influences on human society. In this paper, temporal trends and frequency changes at three majorExpand
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Assessing the effects of urbanization on annual runoff and flood events using an integrated hydrological modeling system for Qinhuai River basin, China
Summary This study developed and used an integrated modeling system, coupling a distributed hydrologic and a dynamic land-use change model, to examine effects of urbanization on annual runoff andExpand
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Hydrological response to urbanization at different spatio-temporal scales simulated by coupling of CLUE-S and the SWAT model in the Yangtze River Delta region
Summary The Main objective of the study is to understand and quantify the hydrological responses of land use and land cover changes. The Yangtze River Delta is one of the most developed regions inExpand
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Assessment of river health based on an improved entropy-based fuzzy matter-element model in the Taihu Plain, China
Rivers are valuable to human beings because of their various functions. Unfortunately, ecological integrity of rivers has been seriously threatened by human activities, resulting in poor riverExpand
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Analysis of salinization dynamics by remote sensing in Hetao Irrigation District of North China
Remote sensing can provide base information for documenting salinity change and for predicting its future evolution trend. The spatial and temporal distributions of soil salinization of JiefangzhaExpand
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Hydrological Simulation by SWAT Model with Fixed and Varied Parameterization Approaches Under Land Use Change
Land use and land cover (LULC) change within a watershed is recognized as an important factor affecting hydrological processes and water resources. Modeling the hydrological effects of land-useExpand
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Development and testing of a simple physically-based distributed rainfall-runoff model for storm runoff simulation in humid forested basins
A distributed rainfall-runoff model was developed to predict storm runoff from humid forested catchments. The model is physically based and takes into account the saturation excess overland flowExpand
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Analysis of river health variation under the background of urbanization based on entropy weight and matter-element model: A case study in Huzhou City in the Yangtze River Delta, China.
Maintaining the health of the river ecosystem is an essential ecological and environmental guarantee for regional sustainable development and one of the basic objectives in water resource management.Expand
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Spatio-temporal characteristics of precipitation and dryness/wetness in Yangtze River Delta, eastern China, during 1960-2012
Abstract Changes in precipitation have a large effect on human society and are a key factor in the study of the patterns of hydrological and meteorological variables. Based on daily precipitationExpand
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