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In this paper some new methods for determining the sensor orientation of linear scanner images are discussed. The image matching techniques are used for automatic identification, transfer and measurement of the image tie points, which connect all images in the block together. A new and simple sensor model based on direct linear transformation is developed(More)
During the course of pathogens penetrating the plant cell, besides of chemical secretion, the pathogens may cause mechanical signal by the physical pressure on the plant cell. In the current study, we took the stress as the mechanical signal elicitor to find the effect of plant resistance induced by stress. The results showed that an appropriate stress(More)
This paper introduced a new automatic terrain extraction (ATE) module inside ERDAS's photogrammetric software LPS. This method uses a global DEM to initialize a surface model and iteratively refines it with image registration on different pyramid levels. Search range used in image registration is adaptively controlled by elevation range of matched feature(More)
We report the formation of wave-like structures and nanostructured fuzzes in the polycrystalline tungsten (W) irradiated with high-flux and low-energy helium (He) ions. From conductive atomic force microscope measurements, we have simultaneously obtained the surface topography and current emission images of the irradiated W materials. Our measurements show(More)
After about 20 years research and development in digital photogrammetric systems, commercial software systems have become more and more powerful and capable of solving most photogrammetric mapping problems. On the other hand, user demands for higher automation and more flexibility for digital photogrammetric systems keep increasing, especially with the use(More)
Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Acari: Tetranychidae) is a worldwide polyphagous agricultural pest that has the title of resistance champion among arthropods. We reported previously the identification of the acaricidal compound β-sitosterol from Mentha piperita and Inula japonica. However, the acaricidal mechanism of β-sitosterol is unclear. Due to the limited(More)
Fruits of the late-ripening peach cultivar "Wanmi" were bagged at the early period of fruit endocarp hardening, and the bags were removed 1 wk before maturity harvest. The effects of bagging on volatile compounds and polyphenols were studied. Total volatiles and the sum of C(6) compounds, esters from bagged fruits were significantly lower than from(More)
Plant-specific type III polyketide synthase (PKS) produces a variety of plant secondary metabolites with notable structural diversity and biological activity. So far 14 plant-specific type III PKS have been identified according to their enzymatic products, and the corresponding genes have been cloned and characterized. The differences among the various PKS(More)
Resveratrol is a natural phytoalexin with special pharmacological and health functions. Stilbene synthase (STS) is a key and rate-limiting enzyme in the biosynthesis of resveratrol that is present only in a limited number of plants. The content of resveratrol from Polygonum cuspidatum is more than 1000 times higher than grapes and peanuts. We speculate that(More)
Emission spectroscopy of the high-voltage pulsed positive corona discharge in a line-cylinder reactor is used to investigate the high-energy electron density distribution in the discharge gap. The relative overall emission intensity spatial distribution profile of the A2Sigma+ --> X2Pi transition of NO is successfully recorded against a severe(More)