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In this paper, we present the scalable and efficient flash file system using the combination of NAND and Phase-change RAM (PRAM). Until now, several flash file systems have been developed considering the physical characteristics of NAND flash. However, previous flash file systems still have a high performance overhead and a scalability problem of the(More)
We present a new affective interaction technique, called CheekTouch, by combining tactile feedback, delivered through the cheek, and multi-finger input, while speaking on the mobile phone. We designed a prototype by using a multi-touch mobile device and a 4x3 vibrotactile display device. We identified six affective touch behaviors (pinching, stroking,(More)
In this paper we introduce CheekTouch, an affective audio-tactile communication technique that transmits multi-finger touch gestures applied on a sender's mobile phone to a receiver's cheek in real time during a call. We made a pair of CheekTouch prototypes each with a multi-touch screen and vibrotactile display to enable bidirectional touch delivery. We(More)
We report the roles of touch during phone conversations by observing long-distance couples' one month use of POKE in their homes. POKE enables users to deliver touches through an inflatable surface on the front of the device that receives index finger pressure inputs on the back of another device, while allowing the callers to maintain a conventional(More)
We introduce Wrigglo, a shape-changing smart phone peripheral that allows pairs of users to share wriggling movements with one another. Attached to a smart phone, Wrigglo captures the sender's motions and activates the receiver's Wrigglo which repeats the motion simultaneously. The result of our in-lab use observation with twelve couples showed that Wrigglo(More)
We present Bendi, a shape-changing device for a tactile-visual phone conversation. Bendi enables users to deliver shape-changing movements (e.g., upward or downward bending, left or right tilting, and shrinking) from the user's joystick input to the other party's device in real time during phone conversations. We conducted a user study to observe how seven(More)
Exploiting a multi-channel architecture of Solid State Disk (SSD) is a role of Flash Translation Layer (FTL) until now. A multi-channel FTL scheme increases I/O parallelism by spreading out pages in a logical block to multiple channels. However, this scheme has high garbage collection overhead for reclaiming invalid pages, thus resulting in the performance(More)
As the DRAM based main memory significantly increases the power and cost budget of a computer system, new memory technologies such as Phase-change RAM (PRAM), Ferroelectric RAM (FRAM), and Magnetic RAM (MRAM) have been proposed to replace the DRAM. Among these memories, PRAM is the most promising candidate for large scale main memory because of its high(More)