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Increasingly, firms recognize the strategic implications of front-end product design for improving total cost effectiveness. Computer-aided design (CAD) is becoming firms' competitive weapon beyond its traditional function as a product design tool. Yet, it is unclear how the full potential of IT system, particularly the usage patterns of 3D CAD system, may(More)
In this paper we measure time-varying uncertainty of macroeconomic variables and study the links to asset returns via a consumption-based asset pricing model. To this end, we introduce a stochastic volatility model and propose a Bayesian procedure identifying the model for multivariate processes. Novel features of our volatility setup include a unit root(More)
magnitude earthquake struck the northeast coast of Japan. Even more devastating was the tsunami that followed the earthquake. Thousands of homes were destroyed, and numerous forms of social infrastructure, such as roads and dams, were destroyed. The death toll exceeded 86,000, more than 13,000 were listed as missing, and 550,000 people had to evacuate the(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o The aim of this article is to present a research model that defines how different outsourcing strategies influence organizational control mechanisms that impact outsourcing outcomes. This research study consists of five case studies, each focusing on a foreign multinational corporation (MNC) that has outsourcing experience in China.(More)
The purpose of developing an architecture is for beneficial use of it.  A good set of architectural artifacts are easy to manipulate in achieving the purpose of usage well. Systems engineering methodologies evolve to deal with SoS level problems. And DoD’s JCIDS is a good example which demonstrates SoS level problems using the capability based(More)
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