Youngsu Park

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Localization of indoor mobile robot is one of main issues on service robot area. Various sensor systems like odometry, INS, ultra sonic, laser lange finder (LRF), RF range systems such as UWB and chirp spread-spectrum (CSS), and vision have been applied to solve localization problem. RFID system can be a solution due to the low cost and scalability. A RFID(More)
A method for using radio-frequency identification tag floor based localization (RFTL) for indoor mobile robot localization is proposed. This method does not suffer from illumination or line of sight impairment issue, and it is less affected by the environment than is conventional localization. However, it faces an inherent limitation, in terms of its low(More)
In this paper, we propose a support vector machine parameter tuning algorithm using dynamic encoding algorithm for handwritten digit recognition. This method uses dynamic encoding algorithm for search (DEAS) which is recently proposed optimization algorithm based on variable binary encoding length. The radius/margin bound is used for the estimation of the(More)
Software birthmarks are unique and native characteristics of a binary executable program that can be used for detecting software piracy. API (Application Programming Interface) calls in an MS Windows binary executable can be used as software birthmarks when there are no source codes available to detect software similarity. However, it is inefficient to(More)
n-propanol (boiling point: 97°C) and water (boiling point: 100°C) mixtures cannot distilled by simple distillation. Mixture has a minimum-boiling azeotrope (87.7°C, 71.7wt%). n-Propanol aqueous solution is fed to a tank temperature remained constant at 90°C. A volume of vaporized solution in tank can be changed by a water(More)
The control of pH neutralization process is very important in chemical industries and biochemical industries. It is known to be difficult to control due to its high nonlinearity that is represented with titration curve and time-varying characteristics. These problems cause many difficulties in controlling the pH process with the PID controller. So, there(More)
Software birthmark is a technique for preventing and identifying plagiarism through illegal software modification using feature information from said software. Presently, research on birthmarks differentiates between static birthmarks and dynamic birthmarks according to the way of extracting feature information. Dynamic birthmarks are advantageous because(More)
Software piracy causes serious problems in many software-related industries. Dynamic binary similarity comparison methods can be used to detect software piracy. However, such methods generate large logs that require long periods of time to perform similarity comparisons. In this paper, we propose an extraction method that facilitates effective binary(More)
Today electricity is essential to the modern people as one of the most important resources. Due to the increasing demand for electivity, the electric power system became complicated and huge on a scale. People want to be supplied with stable electricity with good quality. To be supplied with stable and good electricity, first generating facilities are(More)