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Thousands of cameras are connected to the Internet providing streaming data (videos or periodic images). The images contain information that can be used to determine the scene contents such as traffic, weather, and the environment. Analyzing the data from these cameras presents many challenges, such as (i) retrieving data from geographically distributed and(More)
Surveillance cameras, also called CCTV (closed-circuit television), are widely deployed as one of the solutions to improve public safety. The visual data from these cameras are usually unavailable to the public. In recent years, many organizations have deployed network cameras with diverse purposes such as monitoring traffic congestion and observing natural(More)
Network cameras have been growing rapidly in recent years. Thousands of public network cameras provide tremendous amount of visual information about the environment. There is a need to analyze this valuable information for a better understanding of the world around us. This paper presents an interactive web-based system that enables users to execute image(More)
Mobile systems (smartphones and tablets) have become a major channel for consuming and creating multimedia content. Almost half of video-on-demand is watched on mobile systems. Many people use their mobile systems to capture video, and edit, upload, and share content. Using mobile systems to capture video, however, is restricted to users' locations. We(More)
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