Youngseon Jeong

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Dynamic time warping (DTW), which finds the minimum path by providing non-linear alignments between two time series, has been widely used as a distance measure for time series classification and clustering. However, DTW does not account for the relative importance regarding the phase difference between a reference point and a testing point. Thismay lead(More)
0957-4174/$ see front matter 2008 Elsevier Ltd. A doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2008.07.069 * Corresponding author. Tel./fax: +1 732 445 4858. E-mail addresses: (M. CastroJeong), (M.-K. Jeong), 1 Tel.: +1 865 974 7733. 2 Tel.: +1 865 974 7650. 3 Tel.: +1 865 974 7707. Most literature on short-term traffic flow forecasting(More)
Because of its unsupervised nature, clustering is one of the most challenging problems, considered as a NP-hard grouping problem. Recently, several evolutionary algorithms (EAs) for clustering problems have been presented because of their efficiency for solving the NP-hard problems with high degree of complexity. Most previous EA-based algorithms, however,(More)
Traffic volume is a fundamental variable in several transportation engineering applications. For instance, in transportation planning, the annual average daily traffic (AADT) is a primary element that has to be estimated for the year of horizon of the analysis. The huge amounts of money to be invested in designed transportation systems are strongly(More)
Most recommendation algorithms attempt to alleviate information overload by identifying which items a user will find worthwhile. Content-based (CB) filtering uses the features of items, whereas collaborative filtering (CF) relies on the opinions of similar customers to recommend items. In addition to these techniques, hybrid methods have also been suggested(More)
Hyperspectral band selection aims at the determination of an optimal subset of spectral bands for dimensionality reduction without loss of discriminability. Many conventional band selection approaches depend on the concept of “statistical distance” measure between the probability distributions characterizing sample classes. However, the maximization of(More)
Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is a rapid, non-destructive technology to predict a variety of wood properties and provides great opportunities to optimize manufacturing processes through the realization of in-line assessment of forest products. In this paper, a novel multivariate regression procedure, the hybrid model of principal component regression(More)