Youngseok Cho

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Mobile phones with a touch screen replacing traditional keypads have been introduced to the market. Few studies, however, have been conducted on the touch interface design for a mobile phone. This study investigated the effects of touch key sizes and locations on the one-handed thumb input that is popular in mobile phone interactions. Three different touch(More)
Natural biopolymers, such as collagen or chitosan, are considered ideal for biomedical scaffolds. However, low processability of the materials has hindered the fabrication of designed pore structures controlled by various solid freeform-fabrication methods. A new technique to fabricate a biomedical three-dimensional collagen scaffold, supplemented with a(More)
The present study aimed to investigate the effect of Eudragit® E/HCl (E-SD) on the degradation of sirolimus in simulated gastric fluid (pH 1.2) and to develop a new oral formulation of sirolimus using E-SD solid dispersions to enhance oral bioavailability. Sirolimus-loaded solid dispersions were fabricated by a spray drying process. A kinetic solubility(More)
A rapid, sensitive method of detecting sirolimus in blood was developed and applied in pharmacokinetic studies employing deionized water for hemolysis and a weakly basic mobile phase to enhance chromatographic peak intensity. Dog blood samples were processed via liquid-liquid extraction and the amounts of sirolimus and tacrolimus, an internal standard, were(More)
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