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Galvanostatic bottom-up filling of TSV-like trenches: Choline-based leveler containing two quaternary ammoniums
Abstract Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology is essential to accomplish 3-dimensional packaging of electronics. Hence, more reliable and faster TSV filling by Cu electrodeposition is required. OurExpand
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Total synthesis of pareitropone via radical anion coupling.
A concise (9-step) synthesis of the tropoloisoquinoline alkaloid pareitropone has been achieved starting from 2-bromoisovanillin. The key step features oxidative cyclization of a readily availableExpand
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Boron-Catalyzed Site-Selective Reduction of Carbohydrate Derivatives with Catecholborane
Catalytic sp3 C–O bond cleavage using B(C6F5)3/HBcat is reported. This method is first demonstrated on simple ethers and silyl protected alcohols, which exhibit reactivity parallel to the knownExpand
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Positional Selectivity in the Hydrosilylative Partial Deoxygenation of Disaccharides by Boron Catalysts
The catalytic partial deoxygenation of the per-silylated gluco-disaccharides maltose, cellobiose, trehalose, and isomaltose by Me2EtSiH and the Lewis acid catalyst B(C6F5)3 have been examined toExpand
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Controlling Sugar Deoxygenation Products from Biomass by Choice of Fluoroarylborane Catalyst
The feedstocks from biomass are defined and limited by nature, but through the choice of catalyst, one may change the deoxygenation outcome. We report divergent but selective deoxygenation of sugarsExpand
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N-Hydroxymethyl derivatives of α-amino aldehydes used for the stereoselective syntheses of β-amino-α-hydroxy acids
Abstract The N -hydroxymethyl derivatives of α-amino aldehydes 1 were utilized for the effective synthesis of several β-amino-α-hydroxy acid derivatives in a one-pot process starting from theExpand
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Synthesis of 2,4,6,8,9,11-hexaaza[3.3.3]propellanes as a new molecular skeleton for explosives
Abstract Azapropellanes are of great interest in many disciplines, including materials science and medicinal chemistry. Various synthetic approaches for azapropellanes have been explored; however,Expand
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Silylium (R3Si+) Catalyzed Condensative Cyclization for Anhydrosugar Synthesis
The silylium (Me2EtSi+) catalyzed condensative cyclization of persilylated linear or cyclic sugars has been examined as a selective route to monoanhydro sugars. The silylium could be generated eitherExpand
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Harnessing the reactivity of poly(methylhydrosiloxane) for the reduction and cyclization of biomass to high-value products
Poly(methylhydrosiloxane) (PMHS) has been examined for its ability to reduce and subsequently cyclize carbohydrate substrates using catalytic tris(pentafluorophenyl)borane (BCF). The work herein isExpand
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Selective deoxygenation of gibberellic acid with fluoroarylborane catalysts.
Reductive late-stage functionalization of gibberellic acid is reported using three fluoroarylborane Lewis acids; (B(C6F5)3, B(3,5-C6H3(CF3)2), and B(2,4,6-C6H2F3)3) in combination with a tertiaryExpand
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