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Automatic textile image annotation by predicting emotional concepts from visual features
This paper presents an emotion prediction system that can automatically predict certain human emotional concepts associated with an image, where these features are extracted using a color quantization and a multi-level wavelet transform, respectively. Expand
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SLIM (TM), High Density Wafer Level Fan-Out Package Development with Submicron RDL
A novel HD-FO package platform was introduced with a hybrid RDL structure. An HD-FO package with hybrid RDL could enables higher routing density and multi die construction in a planner configuration.Expand
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Study of thinned Si wafer warpage in 3D stacked wafers
In this study, the wafer warpage of thinned Si wafers in stacked wafer stacks has been evaluated. Expand
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Wafer warpage analysis of stacked wafers for 3D integration
The demand for wafer stacking technology has been increasing significantly. Although many technical challenges of wafer stacking have improved greatly, there are still many processing issues to beExpand
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The effects of heat treatment on room temperature ferromagnetism in a digitally Co doped ZnO thin film
The effects of heat treatment on room temperature ferromagnetism of Co-doped ZnO were investigated with a (ZnO 20Å/Co x Å)20 multilayer structure where x = 1.5, 3, 4.3, 6 and 9 Å. As the thickness ofExpand
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Mobile Robot Control using Hand Shape Recognition
This paper presents a vision based walking robot control system using hand shape recognition using an active contour model-based tracking approach. Expand
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Stress analysis of stacked Si wafer in 3D WLP
Abstract In 3D wafer-stacking technology, one of the major manufacturing issues is wafer warpage because it causes process and product failures, such as delamination, cracking, mechanical stresses,Expand
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Nitrogen-doped transparent tin oxide thin films deposited by sputtering
Abstract Nitrogen-doped tin oxide thin films prepared by reactive rf magnetron sputtering have been investigated to examine their structural, electrical, and optical properties. Of particularExpand
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Evaluation of wafer level Cu bonding for 3D integration
Alignment from an aligner, bond spacer removal during bonding, and wafer warpage are found to be the influential issues for the misalignment in wafer level bonding process. Expand