Youngpo Lee

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Based on a combination of the sub-correlation functions composing the autocorrelation of the binary offset carrier (BOC), we propose a novel cancellation scheme of correlation side-peaks to solve the ambiguity problem in the BOC signal tracking. The proposed scheme is applicable to both generic sine- and cosine-phased BOC signals without requiring any(More)
Focusing on the performance of the chirp spread spectrum (CSS) communication system under the influence of jamming, we analytically derive the symbol error rate (SER) for the direct modulation CSS system with M-ary phase shift keying in the presence of broadband and tone jamming signals. From numerical results, it is confirmed that the analytic result(More)
Due to its anti-jamming capability, chirp spread spectrum (CSS) technique has attracted much attention in the area of wireless communications. However, there has been little rigorous analysis for the performance of the CSS communication system in the presence of jamming signals. In this paper, we present analytic results on the performance of a CSS system:(More)
This paper proposes a novel distance measuring scheme based on repeated PN sequence for ultra wide-band vehicle radar systems. The proposed scheme measures the distance between a vehicle and an obstacle based on repeated use of a single short pseudo random sequence. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme provides a shorter mean distance measuring(More)
This paper addresses a novel Alamouti coding scheme for asynchronous cooperative communication systems over frequency selective fading channels. In the proposed scheme, the Alamouti coded form at the destination node is constructed through a simple combination of symbols at the source node, instead of the time-reversal operation at the relay nodes used in(More)
In ultra-wideband (UWB) channels, the signal energy in the acquisition receiver spreads over correlator outputs due to rich multipaths, making the output of each correlator have only a small portion of the total energy. To enhance the acquisition performance for UWB signals by exploiting the signals spread over a number of correlator outputs, this paper(More)
The relationship between the degree of overlap in direct modulation chirp spread spectrum systems with binary phase shift keying and intersymbol interference (ISI) is analyzed. It is observed that the ISI due to overlap fluctuates or monotonically increases as the number of overlaps changes and that, in some cases, the overlap does not incur ISI at all. key(More)
Ren et al. presented an efficient carrier frequency offset (CFO) estimation method for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), which has an estimation range as large as the bandwidth of the OFDM signal and achieves high accuracy without any constraint on the structure of the training sequence. However, its detection probability of the integer(More)
In this paper, a novel pseudo noise (PN) code acquisition scheme based on sequential estimation is proposed, which can not only achieve code acquisition for both inverted and non-inverted PN codes, but also demodulate the spreading data. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme has approximately half the complexity of the conventional scheme while(More)