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This paper presents an all-digital PLL (ADPLL) in which all functional blocks have been synthesized from standard digital cells and automatically placed and routed (P&amp;R). A calibration scheme is proposed to account for the systematic mismatch resulting from P&amp;R. The ADPLL is fabricated in 65nm CMOS and occupies 0.042mm<sup>2</sup>. The period jitter(More)
We present a method that is able to track several 3D objects simultaneously , robustly, and accurately in real-time. While many applications need to consider more than one object in practice, the existing methods for single object tracking do not scale well with the number of objects, and a proper way to deal with several objects is required. Our method(More)
The contribution of this paper is twofold. First, we show how to extend the ESM algorithm to handle motion blur in 3D object tracking. ESM is a powerful algorithm for template matching-based tracking, but it can fail under motion blur. We introduce an image formation model that explicitly considers the possibility of blur, and show it results in a(More)
—This paper presents an all-digital impulse radio ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) transmitter. All functional blocks in the transmitter are implemented with digital standard cells and automatically place-and-routed by design tools. The center frequency and the bandwidth of the UWB pulses are digitally tuned to compensate for variations, or target different(More)
We propose a texture-less object detection and 3D tracking method which automatically extracts on the fly the information it needs from color images and the corresponding depth maps. While texture-less 3D tracking is not new, it requires a prior CAD model, and real-time methods for detection still have to be developed for robust tracking. To detect the(More)
We propose a novel way to augment a real scene with minimalist user intervention on a mobile phone: The user only has to point the phone camera to the desired location of the augmentation. Our method is valid for vertical or horizontal surfaces only, but this is not a restriction in practice in man-made environments, and avoids to go through any(More)
—This paper presents a cyclic Vernier time-to-digital converter (TDC) with digitally controlled oscillators (DCOs), targeted for a synthesizable all-digital phase locked loop (ADPLL). All functional blocks in the TDC are implemented with digital standard cells and placed-and-routed (P&R) by automatic design tools; thus, the TDC is portable and scalable to(More)