Youngmin Choo

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Noises by incipient propeller tip vortex cavitation (TVC) are generally generated at regions near the propeller tip. Localization of these sparse noises is performed using compressive sensing (CS) with measurement data from cavitation tunnel experiments. Since initial TVC sound radiates in all directions as a monopole source, a sensing matrix for CS is(More)
Range-dependence of time-varying acoustic channels caused by a traveling surface wave is investigated through water tank experiments and acoustic propagation analysis schemes. As the surface wave travels, surface reflected signals fluctuate and the fluctuation varies with source-receiver horizontal range. Amplitude fluctuations of surface reflected signals(More)
This paper describes a time delay estimation (TDE) technique using compressive sensing (CS) off the grid, which estimates the channel impulse response in a continuous time domain. The TDE can be formulated into a sparse signal reconstruction problem where the CS technique can be applied. Previous works have used standard finite dimensional CS with evenly(More)
A striation pattern can emerge in high-frequency acoustic signals interacting with dynamic surface waves. The striation pattern is analyzed using a ray tracing algorithm for both a sinusoidal and a rough surface. With a source or receiver close to the surface, it is found that part of the surface on either side of the specular reflection point can be(More)
A computationally efficient, time-domain Helmholtz-Kirchhoff (H-K) integral was derived and applied to reconstructing surface wave profiles from reflected acoustic pulses [Walstead and Deane, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 133, 2597-2611 (2013)]. However, the final form of the integral equation incorporating a stationary phase approximation contained a complex phase(More)
The time-domain Helmholtz-Kirchhoff (H-K) integral for surface scattering is derived for a refractive medium, which can handle shadowing effects. The starting point is the H-K integral in the frequency domain. In the high-frequency limit, the Green's function can be calculated by ray theory, while the normal derivative of the incident pressure from a point(More)
When a sound wave propagates in a water medium bounded by a smooth surface wave, reflection from a wave crest can lead to focusing and result in rapid variation of the received waveform as the surface wave moves [Tindle, Deane, and Preisig, J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 125, 66-72 (2009)]. In prior work, propagation paths have been constrained to be in a plane(More)
We present a time delay estimation method for sparse translation-invariant signals, off the grid. We enforce sparsity by imposing penalties based on an atomic norm to consider signals in a continuous domain. Our formulation leads to an atomic norm minimization problem. A number of recent theoretical results demonstrate that an atomic norm minimization can(More)
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