Youngjoon Seo

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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is recently becoming popular, promising and widespread. In contrast, RFID tags can bring about traceability that causes user privacy and reduces scalability of RFID. Guaranteeing untraceability and scalability at the same time is so critical in order to deploy RFID widely since user privacy should be guaranteed. A large(More)
[Purpose] This study was performed to examine the immediate effects of spinal mobilization with arm movements (SMWAMs) for strengthening the shoulder muscles. [Subjects] The subjects of this study were 12 healthy male students who were studying at S University, Busan City. They had no musculoskeletal disease, or upper congenital malformation, and had no(More)
[Purpose] This research investigated the effect of angular variation of flexion of the elbow joint on the muscle activation of elbow flexor muscles. [Subjects] The research subjects were 24 male college students with a dominant right hand who had no surgical or neurological disorders and gave their prior written consent to participation with full knowledge(More)
Keywords: Vertical handoff Security SARAH Mobile IP Authentication a b s t r a c t Vertical handoff is one of the most important issues in the heterogeneous networks. While Lee et al. introduced a selective advance reservations and resource-aware handoff direction (SARAH) mechanism in order to provide a fast and efficient handoff with combination of layer 2(More)
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