Youngjoon Han

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Lane detection can provide important information for safety driving. In this paper, a real time vision-based lane detection method is presented to find the position and type of lanes in each video frame. In the proposed lane detection method, lane hypothesis is generated and verified based on an effective combination of lane-mark edge-link features. First,(More)
In driving assistance systems, lane detection can provide significant information for driving safety. In this paper, we proposed a novel real-time lane detection method to extract the location of lane marking lines based on inverse perspective mapping transform (top view) for the region of interest (ROI) of a video frame. The data were then filtered by a(More)
This paper presents a robust vehicle detection approach using Haar-like feature. It is possible to get a strong edge feature from this Haar-like feature. Therefore it is very effective to remove the shadow of a vehicle on the road. And we can detect the boundary of vehicles accurately. In the paper, the vehicle detection algorithm can be divided into two(More)
A wearable guidance system is designed to provide context-dependent guidance messages to blind people while they traverse local pathways. The system is composed of three parts: moving scene analysis, walking context estimation and audio message delivery. The combination of a downward-pointing laser scanner and a camera is used to solve the challenging(More)
For a method for enhancing an image, if it improves the quality enough or it nearly equals to the better method, the primary concern is the speed or the computational complexity and simplicity. Using global contrast stretching, low contrast image can be enhanced with an adjustable manner. Our method is based on a very simple algorithm. Its advantage is that(More)