Youngjean Jung

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In this paper, we study triply periodic surfaces with minimal surface area under a constraint in the volume fraction of the regions (phases) that the surface separates. Using a variational level set method formulation, we present a theoretical characterization of and a numerical algorithm for computing these surfaces. We use our theoretical and(More)
This work concerns the micromechanical constitutive modelling, algorithmic implementation and numerical simulation of polycrystalline superelastic alloys under multiaxial loading. The model is formulated in finite deformations and incorporates the effect of texture. The numerical implementation is based on the constrained minimization of the Helmholtz free(More)
The ability to render objects invisible with a cloak that fits all objects and sizes is a long-standing goal for optical devices. Invisibility devices demonstrated so far typically comprise a rigid structure wrapped around an object to which it is fitted. Here we demonstrate smart metamaterial cloaking, wherein the metamaterial device not only transforms(More)
Mixed hydrofluoric and nitric acids are widely used as a good etchant for the pickling process of stainless steels. The cost reduction and the procedure optimization in the manufacturing process can be facilitated by optically detecting the concentration of the mixed acids. In this work, we developed a novel method which allows us to obtain the(More)
Based on tunable diode laser spectroscopy with direct absorption measurement, we developed a reliable measurement scheme which can precisely detect water vapor concentration independent of the scattering (attenuation) caused by the non-water dust particles inside the observed humidity chamber. The relative water vapor concentration was measured at(More)
Based on tunable diode laser spectroscopy (TDLS), we develop a simple and efficient humidity monitoring scheme to improve reliability of measurement under randomly changing transmission condition. This measurement scheme can detect the humidity of a monitored system in either high or low scattering condition such as powder coal fired furnace in steel-making(More)
Constitutive laws for shape-memory alloys subjected to multiaxial loading, which are based on direct experimental observations, are generally not available in the literature. Accordingly, in the present work, tension–torsion tests are conducted on thin-walled tubes (thickness/radius ratio of 1:10) of the polycrystalline superelastic/shape-memory alloy(More)
The presence of absorption losses softens the singular behavior of transmission resonances and leads to a good image in spite of limited effective spatial frequency range. Nonetheless, we found that the phase singularity does not disappear despite the considerably reduced retardation effects by softening the transmission resonances. Because the phase(More)
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