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KAI1/CD82, a member of the tetraspanin superfamily, is a tumor metastasis suppressor implicated in cell migration and adhesion in various tumor cells. Drosophila expresses an orthologue of KAI1/CD82, Tsp66E. However, the role of Tsp66E in cell migration and adhesion has not been studied. Here, we investigated the roles of Tsp66E in border cell migration and(More)
The importance of forests continues to increase throughout the world, and one of the reasons is that a forest is a major place to emit terpenes, which have been reported to be beneficial to human health. In South Korea, forests occupy about 64% of the total land area and consist mainly of pine and oak trees. Since only a limited number of forests have been(More)
Potential performances of tele-presence mobile platforms and service robots can be greatly enhanced by improving their mobility. So, to maximize mobility becomes a very important subject for indoor mobile platform research. Many mechanisms and control methodologies are suggested, but mobility of indoor mobile platforms are still need to be improved. A stair(More)
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