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From many years all the appliances used in the homes are controlled manually and with the help of electrical switch systems. But this kind of controlling takes a lot of human effort as different devices are controlled from different points and you have to move to attend every single device. The idea now is to make all this system intelligent and fully(More)
Indexing and retrieval of structured documents have been drawing attention increasingly since they enable to retrieve and access a certain part of a document easily. So far, several methods have been proposed in the setting that documents are rarely changed. These can be applied for the books or journals possessed in libraries, but hardly work for the(More)
Laboratory-based mobile wireless testbeds such as MeshTest and the CMU Wireless Emulator are powerful platforms that allow users to perform controlled, repeatable, mobile wireless experiments in the lab. Unfortunately such systems can only accommodate 10-15 nodes in an experiment. We have designed and built a scalable wireless testbed that uses software(More)
Recently, handoff is a critical issue for stations in IEEE 802.11-based wireless networks. In order to provide VoIP (Voice over IP) and real-time streaming applications for stations, handoff mechanism must be provided for reducing latency and seamless communication. However, the IEEE802.11 standards handoff is not appropriate to supply their QoS, because it(More)
To reduce the memory area, a two-stage RX beamformer (BF) chip with 64 channels is proposed for the ultrasound medical imaging with a 2D CMUT array. The chip retrieved successfully two B-mode phantom images with a steering angle from -45 (°) to +45 (°), the maximum delay range of 8 μs, and the delay resolution of 6.25 ns. An analog-digital hybrid BF (HBF)(More)