Younghyun Kim

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Unlike liquid crystal display (LCD) panels that require high-intensity backlight, organic LED (OLED) display panels naturally consume low power and provide high image quality thanks to their self-illuminating characteristic. In spite of this fact, the OLED display panel is still the dominant power consumer in battery-operated devices. As a result, there(More)
Smart grid environments require high standard of reliable transmission technologies to support various types of electrical services and applications. This paper recommends the utilization of IEEE 802.11s based Wireless LAN Mesh Networks as the high-speed backbone networks for smart grid infrastructure. 802.11s based mesh networks can provide high(More)
Electric vehicles (EV) are considered as a strong alternative of internal combustion engine vehicles expecting lower carbon emission. However, their actual benefits are not yet clearly verified while the energy efficiency can be improved in many ways. The carbon emission benefits from EV is largely diminished if we charge EV with electricity from petroleum(More)
Organic light emitting diode (OLED) display is a self-illuminating device that is supposed to be more power efficient than liquid crystal display (LCD). However, OLED display panels consume as much power as LCD panels due to total internal reflection. As the power consumption of the OLED panel depends on the pixel colors, most of the earlier power saving(More)
Electrical energy is a high quality form of energy that can be easily converted to other forms of energy with high efficiency and, even more importantly, it can be used to control lower grades of energy quality with ease. However, building a cost-effective electrical energy storage (EES) system is a challenging task despite steady advances in the design and(More)
It is important to maintain high efficiency when charging electrical energy storage elements so as to achieve holistic optimization from an energy generation source (e.g., a solar cell array) to an energy storage element (e.g., a supercapacitor bank). Previous maximum power point tracking (MPPT) methods do not consider the fact that efficiency of the(More)
The design of electric vehicles require a complete paradigm shift in terms of embedded systems architectures and software design techniques that are followed within the conventional automotive systems domain. It is increasingly being realized that the evolutionary approach of replacing the engine of a car by an electric engine will not be able to address(More)
Electrical energy is high-quality form of energy, and thus it is beneficial to store the excessive electric energy in the electrical energy storage (EES) rather than converting into a different type of energy. Like memory devices, no single type of EES element can fulfill all the desirable requirements. Despite active research on the new EES technologies,(More)
The nucleotide sequence around the translational initiation site is an important cis-acting element for post-transcriptional regulation. However, it has not been fully understood how the sequence context at the 5'-untranslated region (5'-UTR) affects the translational efficiency of individual mRNAs. In this study, we provide evidence that the 5'-UTRs of(More)