Younghwan Lim

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Sometimes network resources including IP address, MAC address , and hostname could be misused for the weakness of TCP/IP protocol suite and the deficiency of network management. Therefore, there is urgent need to solve the problems from the viewpoint of network management and operation. In this paper, we propose a network network blocking algorithm based on(More)
Equality is an Important relation and many theorems can be easily symbolized through it's use. A proposed Inference rule called HL-resolution Is intended to have the benefits of hyper steps while controlling the application of paramodulation. It generates a resolvent by building a paramodulation and demodulation link between two terms using a pre pro ceased(More)
This paper suggests how to convert existing multimedia learning titles into independent multimedia learning Title platform by using XML DB. It stores resource information that takes care of large amount of interactive multimedia learning resources. In existing multimedia learning titles, that resource information is divided and stored at multiple locations,(More)