Youngho Park

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In recent years, mobile ad-hoc networks have received a great deal of attention in both academia and industry to provide anytime-anywhere networking services. As wireless networks are rapidly deployed, the security of wireless environment will be mandatory. In this paper, we describe a group key management architecture and key agreement protocols for secure(More)
In this paper we introduce the notion of certificateless proxy re-encryption and also give precise definitions for secure certificateless proxy re-encryption schemes. We present a concrete scheme based on bilinear pairing, which enjoys the advantages of certificateless public key cryptography while providing the functionalities of proxy re-encryption.(More)
Recently, Lu et al. proposed an efficient conditional privacy preservation protocol, named ECPP, based on group signature scheme for secure vehicular communications. However, ECPP dose not provide unlinkability and traceability when multiple RSUs are compromised. In this paper, we make up for the limitations and propose a robust conditional(More)
As vehicular communications bring the promise of improved road safety and optimized road traffic through cooperative systems applications, it becomes a prerequisite to make vehicular communications secure for the successful deployment of vehicular ad hoc networks. In this paper, we propose an efficient authentication protocol with anonymous public key(More)
Dysregulation of liver functions leads to insulin resistance causing type 2 diabetes mellitus and is often found in chronic liver diseases. However, the mechanisms of hepatic dysfunction leading to hepatic metabolic disorder are still poorly understood in chronic liver diseases. The current work investigated the role of hepatitis B virus X protein (HBx) in(More)
Recent advance of vehicular technology offers opportunities for developing new navigation systems to overcome the problems of popular global positioning system (GPS) based navigation systems. In order to integrate vehicular technology into conventional GPS-based navigation systems securely, a secure and privacy-preserving navigation protocol that utilizes(More)
A series of N-4-substituted-benzyl-N'-tert-butylbenzyl thioureas were prepared for the study of their agonistic/antagonistic activities to the vanilloid receptor in rat DRG neurons. Their structure-activity relationship reveals that not only the two oxygens and amide hydrogen of sulfonamido group, but also the optimal size of methyl in methanesulfonamido(More)