Youngho Park

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In this paper we introduce the notion of certificateless proxy re-encryption and also give precise definitions for secure certificateless proxy re-encryption schemes. We present a concrete scheme based on bilinear pairing, which enjoys the advantages of certificateless public key cryptography while providing the functionalities of proxy re-encryption.(More)
In recent years, mobile ad-hoc networks have received a great deal of attention in both academia and industry to provide anytime-anywhere networking services. As wireless networks are rapidly deployed, the security of wireless environment will be mandatory. In this paper, we describe a group key management architecture and key agreement protocols for secure(More)
Recently, Lu et al. proposed an efficient conditional privacy preservation protocol, named ECPP, based on group signature scheme for secure vehicular communications. However, ECPP dose not provide unlinkability and traceability when multiple RSUs are compromised. In this paper, we make up for the limitations and propose a robust conditional(More)
As vehicular communications bring the promise of improved road safety and optimized road traffic through cooperative systems applications, it becomes a prerequisite to make vehicular communications secure for the successful deployment of vehicular ad hoc networks. In this paper, we propose an efficient authentication protocol with anonymous public key(More)
INTRODUCTION Although it has been suggested that rare coding variants could explain the substantial missing heritability, very few sequencing studies have been performed in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). We aimed to identify novel functional variants with rare to low frequency using targeted exon sequencing of RA in Korea. METHODS We analyzed targeted exon(More)
Intelligent transportation systems seek to maximize the usage of data generated by the vehicles for road users assistance. Combining vehicular ad hoc network with cloud computing makes it easy for the fixed infrastructures along the roads to collect and analyze safety messages for the benefits of the road users and the transportation authorities. However,(More)
A new fully secure ciphertext-policy attributed based encryption (CP-ABE) scheme with high expressibity access policy is presented. Our CP-ABE scheme uses tree-based access structure which includes AND, OR, threshold and NOT gates which granted high degree of expressibility for encryptor to make an access policy. Moreover, our scheme achieves full security(More)