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—This paper proposes the design of the software Universal Middleware Bridge (UMB) that can be used to solve seamless interoperability problems caused by the heterogeneity of several kinds of home network middleware. We verified that the proposed UMB dynamically maps physical devise in all different middleware domains into virtually abstracted devices in the(More)
Characterizing the biomolecular systems' properties underpinning prognosis signatures derived from gene expression profiles remains a key clinical and biological challenge. In breast cancer, while different "poor-prognosis" sets of genes have predicted patient survival outcome equally well in independent cohorts, these prognostic signatures have(More)
UNLABELLED GO-Module is a web-accessible synthesis and visualization tool developed for end-user biologists to greatly simplify the interpretation of prioritized Gene Ontology (GO) terms. GO-Module radically reduces the complexity of raw GO results into compact biomodules in two distinct ways, by (i) constructing biomodules from significant GO terms based(More)
In parallel computer systems with a number of processors, external fragmentation is caused by continuous allocation and deallocation of processors to tasks which require exclusive use of several contiguous processors. With this condition, the system may not be able to find contiguous processors to be allocated to an incoming task even with a sufficient(More)
In multicasting multimedia data, effectively adapting to heterogeneous receivers is very difficult. In this paper we propose an active traffic control mechanism for layered multimedia multicast (ATLM) in active network environment. The proposed scheme controls traffic at each router using the traffic condition of immediate children nodes. Also the traffic(More)
This paper presents the IEEE1394/UPnP software bridge for representing legacy IEEE1394 devices to UPnP devices. UPnP devices must provide SSDP discovery, SOAP control, and GENA event processes. To represent legacy IEEE1394 devices to UPnP devices, there have to be the IEEE1394/UPnP software bridge to provide those functionalities on behalf of IEEE1394(More)