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The Internet of Things (IoT) idea is having a significant impact on our daily lives these days. As the number of IoT devices is growing fast, many researchers have declared that the usage of IoT and the impact of IoT will make people always use IoT devices whatever they do or wherever they are. At the same time, IoT devices at home are receiving a lot of(More)
Linked Data is expected to play an important role for interoperability at the data level for the future internet. One of the main applications of Linked Data might be semantic query processing. The current method of warehousing based query processing requires the crawling of all data periodically and also frequent crawling of data from distributed datasets(More)
The human activity recognition in the IoT environment plays the central role in the ambient assisted living, where the human activities can be represented as a concatenated event stream generated from various smart objects. From the concatenated event stream, each activity should be distinguished separately for the human activity recognition to provide(More)
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