Youngbin Chang

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This paper presents 28 GHz wideband propagation channel characteristics for millimeter wave (mmWave) urban cellular communication systems. The mmWave spectrum is considered as a key-enabling feature of 5G cellular communication systems to provide an enormous capacity increment; however, mmWave channel models are lacking today. The paper compares(More)
To solve mobile traffic crunch, the usage of enormous bandwidth in millimeter wave (mm-Wave) is under discussion. In this paper, we investigate radio channel characteristics of mm-Wave frequency in the downtown area of Ottawa using 3D ray-tracing technique. In the results, important parameters of the radio channel model, such as path loss exponent, shadow(More)
From the results of the ray-tracing simulation of 28 GHz frequency band over downtown of Ottawa and New York University campus, we propose 3D large-scale channel models for urban city which are applicable to a mmWave version of 3D spatial channel model. Due to the change of geographical topology dimension from 2D to 3D, the height information of the(More)
Broadband wireless systems operating in millimeter wave (mmWave) frequency band has been used for short-range wireless communication and point-to- point wireless backhaul. Due to lack of research work on outdoor radio propagation characteristics in mmWave frequency band, the question of feasibility of cellular communication including long-range and non-line(More)
This paper proposes the novel OFDM transmission scheme that can effectively overcome ISI by adjusting CP length. As a way of combating ISI caused by multipath delay longer than guard interval, interference canceller or powerful channel coding has been proposed. Such approaches may reduce ISI, but it needs much complex computation or considerably decreases(More)
Audible noise caused by uplink periodic hulrt transmis.rion in mobile terminol can irritate a talking ziser. Such audible noise problem has heen resolved by harrlwure filtering. In tliis paper ~ , e propose a burst data transmi.wion scheme that can ef$cientlv suppress the audible noise. Tl7rong17 the use ofthe proposed scheme, we cun considerahlv reduce die(More)
Correlation properties of shadow fading are the essential part of a large-scale channel model to evaluate system-level performance. The recent interest on mmWave frequency band naturally requires the study of these correlation properties so that new cellular system based on the new spectrum on mmWave band can be identified to be feasible. To the best of our(More)
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