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This paper empirically investigates aspects of risk management in young small enterprises' effort to survive and grow. We use a new dataset on several thousands small businesses in their " formative age " (2–8 years old) in 10 European countries and 18 sectors. Firms across all types of sectors use internal risk mitigation strategies to manage technology(More)
We examine why exclusivity provisions are used in licensing alliances, and when restrictions in licensing scope (e.g., by product or geography) accompany these exclusivity provisions. We find broad support for the proposition that these features are associated with the contractual challenges of allying with licensees when they contribute valuable(More)
The use of a Zigbee network in various health monitoring systems has become well accepted. However, such a system has limited storage, power supply, bandwidth for communication, and processing speed when massive volumes of bio signals, especially ECG signals are involved. Various effective methods, including using low power hardware, have been proposed to(More)
We empirically analyze factors that might affect the willingness of young small enterprises in several European countries to participate in collaborative agreements. These factors include the characteristics of the firm, of the entrepreneurs, and of the market environment the firm operates in. Within this age group – the " formative " years between 2 and 8(More)
This paper empirically explores the R&D promotion policy effects on SME performance measured by value-added productivity. We use a unique large panel data set on public R&D subsidy for Korean manufacturing firms. Econometrically, we control for counter-factual outcomes employing the DID (difference in differences) estimation procedure as well as for(More)
―Controlling a quadruped robot is a challenging problem in Robotics. In this report I present an application to get the position and the pose of the Little Dog robot using stereo vision. I built a vision system on top of the Little Dog robot and reconstructed a 3-D terrain model using a stereo camera. Then I aligned sequential 3-D models to get the position(More)
Loss of communication links between unmanned aircraft and its pilot on the ground have resulted crashes over the years. This paper presents a method for computing optimal lost-link policies for unmanned aircraft conducting surveillance alongside manned aircraft in a wildfire scenario. In this setting, the unmanned aircraft must determine how to trade off(More)