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This paper intends to introduce the development of a terminal agent for QoS measurement that is suitable for an NGN environment, and to summarize the results of its performance test. Using the terminal agent for service quality measurement, it is possible to measure the QoE-based end-to-end service quality of voice phone, video phone, and VoD services. In(More)
There has been much attention to discover mGluR1 antagonists for treating various central nervous system diseases such as seizures and neuropathic pain. Thienopyrimidinone derivatives were designed, synthesized, and biologically evaluated against mGluR1. Among the synthesized compounds, 3-(4-methoxyphenyl)-7-(o-tolyl)thienopyrimidin-4-one 30 exhibited the(More)
Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures ◭ ◮ ◭ ◮ Back Close Full Screen / Esc Abstract Introduction Conclusions References Tables Figures ◭ ◮ ◭ ◮ Back Close Full Screen / Esc Printer-friendly Version Interactive Discussion EGU Abstract Northeast Asia including China, Korea, and Japan is one of the world's largest fossil fuel consumption regions.(More)
Functionalized X-Bi bilayers (X = Ga, In, and Tl) with halogens bonded on their both sides have been recently claimed to be the giant topological insulators due to the strong band inversion strengths. Employing the first-principles electronic structure calculation, we find the topological band order transition from the order p - p - s of the X-Bi bilayers(More)
To develop novel, selective, and reversible MAO-B inhibitors for safer treatment of Parkinson's disease, benzothiazole and benzoxazole derivatives with indole moiety were designed and synthesized. Most of the synthesized compounds showed inhibitory activities against MAO-B and selectivity over MAO-A. The most active compound was compound 5b,(More)
  • D. Froebrich, S. V. Makin, +9 authors A.S.M. Buckner
  • 2015
We present the extended source catalogue for the UKIRT Wideeld Infrared Survey for H 2 (UWISH2). The survey is unbiased along the inner Galactic Plane from l ≈ 357 • to l ≈ 65 • and |b| 1 • .5 and covers 209 square degrees. A further 42.0 and 35.5 square degrees of high dust column density regions have been targeted in Cygnus and Auriga. We have identied(More)
A novel molecular scaffold, dihydropyridothienopyrimidin-4,9-dione, was synthesized from benzylamine or p-methoxybenzylamine in six steps involving successive ring closure to form a fused ring system composed of dihydropyridone, thiophene and pyrimidone. The pharmacological versatility of the dihydropyridothenopyrimidin-4,9-dione scaffold was demonstrated(More)
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