Young-soo Jeon

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This paper describes the impact of the FACTS application on the power network using EMTDC simulation package. KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) has begun the operation of the plusmn80 MVA UPFC (unified power flow controller) from the year 2003 on the 154 kV transmission system. The UPFC consists of two voltage source inverters (VSI), STATCOM and(More)
Voltage flicker is defined as "the impression of unsteadiness of visual sensation induced by a light stimulus whose luminance or spectral distribution fluctuates with time" according to IEC standard. And it is also known as voltage fluctuation, light flicker, and flicker. In Korea, the equivalent 10 Hz voltage flicker index has been used as the standard(More)
Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) is a highly contagious enteric pathogen of swine causing high mortality rates in piglets. PEDV outbreaks have occurred continuously in most swine-producing Asian countries and have recently emerged in the United States, leading to large economic losses for both the Asian and US pig industries. The spike (S) protein of(More)
This paper describes the development of 1.5 MVA wind power simulator and the analysis of its performance, 1.5 MVA wind power simulator is now under installation and ready for operation from the year 2008. In order to analysis problem of wind power system, the utility should study not only voltage control, but also power quality. Therefore, KEPRI, the(More)
Hinokitiol (1), a tropolone-related natural compound, induces apoptosis and has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antitumor activities. In this study, the inhibitory effects of 1 were investigated on human colon cancer cell growth and tumor formation of xenograft mice. HCT-116 and SW-620 cells derived from human colon cancers were found to be similarly(More)
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