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Parameter sensitivity analysis of stochastic models provides insights into cardiac calcium sparks.
We present a parameter sensitivity analysis method that is appropriate for stochastic models, and we demonstrate how this analysis generates experimentally testable predictions about the factors thatExpand
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Systems Biology—Biomedical Modeling
This course introduces students to computational principles and approaches used in systems biology. Because of the complexity inherent in biological systems, many researchers frequently rely on aExpand
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Complex and rate-dependent beat-to-beat variations in Ca2+ transients of canine Purkinje cells.
Purkinje fibers play an essential role in transmitting electrical impulses through the heart, but they may also serve as triggers for arrhythmias linked to defective intracellular calcium (Ca(2+))Expand
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Decoding myocardial Ca²⁺ signals across multiple spatial scales: a role for sensitivity analysis.
We summarize studies that have modeled myocardial Ca(2+) at different spatial scales: the sub-cellular level, the cellular level, and the multicellular level. Expand
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Parameter Sensitivity Analysis of a Stochastic Ca2+ Spark Model using Novel Computational Methods
Parameter sensitivity analysis is useful for identifying how changes in model parameters affect measurable model outputs. Stochastic models, however, require multiple simulations with each parameterExpand
Bayesian curve fitting for discontinuous functions using an overcomplete system with multiple kernels
We propose a fully Bayesian methodology for estimation of functions that have jump discontinuities. The proposed model is an extension of the LARK model, which enables functions to be represented byExpand
Canine Purkinje Cells Exhibit Complex and Rate-Dependent Beat-To-Beat Variations in Calcium Transients
Purkinje fibers serve a critical role in ensuring the electrical activation of the ventricles, but spontaneous Ca2+ release in the Purkinje system is considered a possible trigger of arrhythmias. ToExpand