Young-joo Shin

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The purpose of this study was to compare in vivo kinematics, range of motion, and functional outcomes in patients that received either a high-flexion cruciate retaining or a high-flexion cruciate substituting knee. Forty-eight high-flexion cruciate retaining (CR) and 47 high-flexion cruciate substituting (PS) knees were included in this study and followed(More)
Achieving both security and efficiency is the challenging issue for a data outsourcing service in the cloud computing. Proof of Storage with Deduplication (POSD) [1] is the first solution that addresses the issue for the cloud storage. However, the validity of the POSD scheme stands on the strong assumption that all clients are honest in terms of generating(More)
Cloud storage service providers apply data client-side deduplication across multiple users to achieve cost savings of network bandwidth and disk storage. However, deduplication can be used as a side channel by attackers who try to obtain sensitive information of other users’ data. We propose a differentially private client-side deduplication protocol. A(More)
AIMS To determine the feasibility and efficacy of stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for huge hepatocellular carcinoma unsuitable for other therapies. METHODS Six patients with very large hepatocellular carcinomas (>10 cm) unsuitable for surgical resection or that failed to respond to transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE) were treated by(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to develop a nomogram capable of predicting the probability of 5-year survival after radical radiotherapy (RT) without chemotherapy for uterine cervical cancer. METHODS AND MATERIALS We retrospectively analyzed 549 patients that underwent radical RT for uterine cervical cancer between March 1994 and April 2002 at our(More)
Abstract. Wireless mesh networks can extend the network service region by just adding APs. However wireless mesh networks also have the same security problems as the traditional wireless LAN. Until now, many methods have been proposed to solve the authentication problem, particularly for the fast handoff, in the traditional wireless LAN. However, previous(More)
Decentralized group key management mechanisms offer beneficial solutions to enhance the scalability and reliability of a secure multicast framework by confining the impact of a membership change in a local area. However, many of the previous decentralized solutions reveal the plain text to the intermediate relaying proxies,or require the key distribution(More)
BACKGROUND Persistent pain after total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is dissatisfying to the patient and frustrating to the surgeon. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the aseptic causes and clinical course of intractable pain following TKA. METHODS Of the total 2,534 cases of primary TKA reviewed, 178 cases were classified as having aseptic persistent(More)
PURPOSE To investigate dose perturbations for pacemaker-implanted patients in partial breast irradiation using high dose rate (HDR) balloon brachytherapy. METHODS Monte Carlo (MC) simulations were performed to calculate dose distributions involving a pacemaker in Ir-192 HDR balloon brachytherapy. Dose perturbations by varying balloon-to-pacemaker(More)
Suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS) family is an important negative regulator of cytokine signaling and deregulation of SOCS has been involved in many types of cancer. All cervical cancer cell lines tested showed lower expression of SOCS1, SOCS3, and SOCS5 than normal tissue or cell lines. The immunohistochemistry result for SOCS proteins in human(More)