Young-joo Shin

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Achieving both security and efficiency is the challenging issue for a data outsourcing service in the cloud computing. Proof of Storage with Deduplication (POSD) [1] is the first solution that addresses the issue for the cloud storage. However, the validity of the POSD scheme stands on the strong assumption that all clients are honest in terms of generating(More)
Wireless mesh networks can extend the network service region by just adding APs. However wireless mesh networks also have the same security problems as the traditional wireless LAN. Until now, many methods have been proposed to solve the authentication problem, particularly for the fast handoff, in the traditional wireless LAN. However, previous methods are(More)
Decentralized group key management mechanisms offer beneficial solutions to enhance the scalability and reliability of a secure multicast framework by confining the impact of a membership change in a local area. However, many of the previous decentralized solutions reveal the plain text to the intermediate relaying proxies,or require the key distribution(More)
Cloud storage service providers apply data client-side deduplication across multiple users to achieve cost savings of network bandwidth and disk storage. However, deduplication can be used as a side channel by attackers who try to obtain sensitive information of other users' data. We propose a differentially private client-side deduplication protocol. A(More)
SUMMARY Outsourcing to a cloud storage brings forth new challenges for the efficient utilization of computing resources as well as simultaneously maintaining privacy and security for the outsourced data. Data deduplication refers to a technique that eliminates redundant data on the storage and the network, and is considered to be one of the most-promising(More)
Supporting user mobility is one of the most challenging issues in wireless networks. Recently, as the desires for the user mobility and high-quality multimedia services increase, fast handoff among base stations comes to a center of quality of connections. Therefore, minimizing re-authentication latency during handoff is crucial for supporting various(More)
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