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Acupuncture for Acute Postoperative Pain after Back Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
A systematic review aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment for acute postoperative pain (≤1 week) after back surgery.
A Study on the Characteristics of Alkali Silica Sol Grouting Material
For the purpose of cut off and ground stabilization, water glass chemical grouting method using sodium silicate has problems of weakening durability and ground water pollution because leaching was
A Case Study on the Slope Collapse and Reinforcement Method of the Phyllite Slope
The purpose of this study is to present emergency rehabilitation, cause and the countermeasure of reinforcement about reinforced retaining wall and the slope collapse of the phyllite ground. The
Syndrome pattern and its application in parallel randomized controlled trials
Syndrome pattern (SP) is a core concept of Chinese medicine and is used to diagnose and treat patients based on an overall analysis of symptoms and signs, considering a gold standard of clinical research.
Optimization in Multiple Response Model with Modified Desirability Function
The desirability function approach to multiple response optimization is a useful technique for the analysis of experiments in which several responses are optimized simultaneously. But the existing