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—In this paper, we propose an opportunistic relaying with multiple decode-and-forward (DF) relay nodes based on interference cancelation (IC). The relay that succeeds decoding data in the former phase performs IC to decode another data in the current phase without suffering from interference caused by the selected best relay that forwards the data of the(More)
—This paper presents a spectrally efficient protocol for half-duplex multi-relay systems in block fading channels where a direct source-destination link is unavailable. The proposed protocol adaptively selects either successive interference cancelation (SIC) or joint decoding according to the causal decoding status of each relay. We also adopt dynamic(More)
Coronectomy is a procedure that intentionally spares the vital root after removal of the crown of the lower third molar to avoid damage to the inferior alveolar nerve. Vital pulp therapy is one option for managing exposed pulp tissue to reduce the risk of pulpal inflammation or necrosis. Among various dental materials, mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) has(More)
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