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Learning English through playing is expected to help with the effort of seeking new possibilities, from understanding that play is fundamental to the development of a child's capacity to learn. This extended abstract describes the function and system of a second-language learning toy while referring to some educational points to be considered in(More)
The purpose of this research is to design the workflow of a serious game that promotes intimacy among the members of a group from the moment of group formation. We plan to design our game based on an interdisciplinary approach that applies users' psychological, communicative and serious game design perspectives. Our research began by analyzing previously(More)
Smart Icebreaker is a serious game for promoting intimacy among group members. Several studies on serious games have attempted to explore the functional purposes and the entertainment aspect of these games. In particular, on-going game research specifically targets basic relationship set-ups to enhance teambuilding. However, these studies do not cover(More)
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