Young Woong Ko

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We propose an energy-efficient scheduling of a long-lived real-time video task running on DVFS-enabled multi-core platforms. The proposed scheme reduces the energy consumption by executing the task in parallel on an <i>appropriate</i> number of cores with the other cores powered off, and assigning as lower frequency as possible while meeting the deadline.(More)
In cloud storage system, when we search similar documentation files, keyword-based similarity evaluation scheme is well performed. However, if we want to find similar binary files then it is very difficult to satisfy user request. Because there is no widely used binary file search system that supports similarity evaluation among files. File similarity(More)
A data stream management system (DSMS) for the real-time processing of a large volume of RFID events is proposed herein. It allows the real-time scheduling of groups of operators, the components of a query, to process user queries of various kinds within the time limit. It also creates user-level threads consisting of operators, and the DSMS scheduler(More)
This paper presents an algorithm and structure for a deduplication method which can be efficiently used for eliminating identical data between files existing different machines with high rate and performing it within rapid time. The algorithm predicts identical parts between source and destination files very fast, and then assures the identical parts and(More)
Recently, there have been tremendous interests in the acceleration of general computing applications using a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Now the GPU provides the computing powers not only for fast processing of graphics applications, but also for general computationally complex data intensive applications. On the other hand, power and energy(More)
For accident surveillance and traffic flow conditions, CCTV cameras are installed on bridges. However, their effectiveness is diminished remarkably in a thick fog. Despite heavy fog, our proposed system can detect a car crash on the bridges and propagate accident information to other drivers as quickly as possible to reduce the accident rate and casualties.(More)